Dirt road that leads to a lighthouse in Nantucket

Nantucket Off-Road Driving


Another installment by Joe Ricchio, a Maine bon vivant and food editor of the state's acclaimed Down East magazine. We hope you enjoy his unique perspective on the excitement of Nantucket Off-Road Driving.

Easily one of the most exciting and unique things you can do while you're staying with us is take advantage of some prime Nantucket off-road driving action. If you didn't bring your own set of wheels over on the ferry, the easiest thing to do is contact the good people at Affordable Rentals to secure a Jeep. We suggest you splurge on the 4-door Rubicon model -  because you deserve it, after coming all this way.

Even if you've never done this type of thing before, beyond maybe playing in Rally Car mode in Gran Turismo on Playstation, the crew at Affordable Rentals will give you the step by step, and they even have beach chair, cooler, and umbrella rentals available for when you reach your scenic destination.

The best Nantucket off-road driving is on the beach going out towards Great Point, where you’ll come upon a historic lighthouse, first built in 1784 (a few mishaps and rebuilds since then, but you get the general idea). Once you drive out on to the dunes, preferably in the early hours to catch the sunrise, you stop and let air out of the tires using the small, pen-like tool provided until the Rubicon’s electronic tire pressure monitors register 16. Now put her in 4WD, and you are ready to cruise along the beach with the top down as the waves crash right outside your window.

Once you reach the lighthouse, set up for a picnic as you observe groups of seals running up and down the beach, while remaining cautious to defend your provisions from potential seagull attackers. On the drive back, simply stop at the roadside air pump and fill those tires back up before heading back to the hotel in time for dinner. A truly unforgettable island experience.

-- Joe

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